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About Us
Kreeno.com is a justice solution and anti-corruption social network community of Kreeno International Limited which is a registered entity poised to make the world a better and safer place for all human kind to interconnect through the various solutions that would be provided to enhance safer lifestyle. This social network global community combines some of the best features of other networks into one whilst delivering solution to all human kind right from the tips of their fingers in reporting and blowing the whistle with information bordering on the following:  Breach of contracts,  Dud/dishonored cheques issuance,  Diversion of funds,  Violation of financial regulations,  Mismanagement of public-private funds and assets,  Domestic violence,  Financial malpractices,  Kidnapping,  Child Trafficking,  Scams,  Corruption,  Terrorism,  Robbery,  Crimes of all kinds,  Harassment (sexual harassment)  Over-inflation or over-charging of contracts,  Fraud and  Theft from all sectors of the economy globally that is deemed to be in the interest of the public-private corporations can be disclosed. Any life threatening issues can be reported on this Kreeno Platform so long as you are saving lives and HELP would be available near you. Already Developed: KREENO Mobile App has been developed for all Android Phones on Google Play Store, which would enable citizens world over to report any cases from the comfort of their phones across the continents of the world with each country law enforcement agencies able to interact on the same community. OUR MISSION To make the world a better and safer place for all to interconnect Under News Feed on the left of https://kreeno.com/register We should have the following 1.JOIN THE KREENO LAWYERS 2.WHISTLE BLOWING PORTAL 3.SUBMIT YOUR PETITION 4.ENJOY INTERCONNECTION WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS 5. THE MOST WANTED AND LOTS MORE