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Amount of years you're spending UA-121988053-1

Amount of years you're spending

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Posted May 5,2020 in Other.

MMOexp sitefans
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Amount of years you're spending

What now? Gonna finish diaries up, return to zulrah for cash try inferno. Give a move if you have not tried it to Vorkath. Comparable to gp/hr that is a little better rs 2007 gold with equipment that is good and I find it easier since there psychological energy involved. At least IMO Vorkath is laid back, although neither is AFK so that it comes down to personal preference. Vork is chiller and probably marginally greater money but the absence of big drops or remotely interesting mechanics makes me soooo exhausted. That's just me tho, I enjoy something about the fight that is zulrah. In any event, both are great money makers.

Zulrah is easier to remove from than Vorkath because of this 1 shot mechanic. If you understand the patterns zulrah is a breeze. While he is doing an 8 swap I have a buddy who does agility on his alt. Yeah I guess it is a personal preference thing. Other than paying attention to the 1 shot strike, making certain you hit on your click on the spawn, and being able to count to 6 Vork is really low key due to the 30 maximum hit, slow attack speed, and pretty low frequency he uses the one main attack that you don't have zeroed out.

My frustration with Zulrah it it's rather simple to become piled with"I am on the mage phase but JK here's three ranged attacks in a row" even if you're doing everything right. There is a fairly big cushion that you recognize Vork's one strike attack as long as you default to maintaining your cursor hovering 2 spaces away and your left hand over the ctrl key during the primary stage.

It isn't something foolish you're a young adult without a family and if this is your main pass time. Like shit a lot of skills require you to perform literally nothing for minutes at a time at which you can do other things or you just take your 5 min afk timer while going to buy old school rs gold to cook your food over and over. 4 hours every day on average. Stop it that is incredibly no life folks will need to quit normalIzing how addicted some folks are to RuneScape. Every day for x amount of years you're spending 1/6 of your entire day, 1/4 of your waking hours playing with a video game. That is not healthy.

How many people browse reddit, see TV or Netflix, or are on social media for 4 hours every day on average? I believe it's probably 90% or more. Why's it just"no life" in case you play RS with that time instead? I feel as the newish Screen Time Usage notifications and shit would show folks how long they waste. Including me, but is if it's my own time it wasted time? Who the fuck is somebody to explain to you to dictate your'free' time. About binging a season of a show, someone will brag and people won't care.